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Presentation of eTNA project results

Luis García del Valle, manager of Employment Service of La Rioja and Eladio Araiz manager of CMR gave a press release to explain the main results eTNA Project.

These results and outcomes were already presented in a meeting in Brussels. The 29th May was hold in the Committee of Regions, the Workshop: Challenges in the European Food Industry 2012: New Skills, competences and training”.

In this meeting the partners of the project explain the results of the study: the new competences and skills needed by managers and head of department come from the increased competition in global market context, consumer’s requirements and the high competition of sector and retailers.

After the presentation, the assistants (representatives of organisms and institutions of food sector) and project’s partners discussed about importance of training to face up to new challenges of the Food processed sector.

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eTNA is a Leonardo transfer of innovation Project in the lifelong learning programme

eTNA 2011 Online Training needs assessment

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  • Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires
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