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Workshop: Challenges in European Food Industry


The present workshop was a reflection of the two year work that seven partners have made all around Europe. It showed  the results obtained by eTNA project which main objective was develop a methodology of “training needs assessment” through an online free-access tool.

The partner team represented both the Lifelong Learning sector and the Agrofood industry in Europe. In this way, the project has integrated the competencies and training resources available in Europe in relation to food sectors. In order to carry out the sector validation an online tool has been used with more than 430 companies all around Europe based on the information of competences, strategies and posts they need.

So, during the Workshop, we presented the results of the pilot and we debated about the conclusions of the work done. The  meeting showed new alternatives related to new challenges about training in the European food  Industry. The final aim of our project and also our commitment is to offer an open and free access to a useful tool for our  industry.

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eTNA is a Leonardo transfer of innovation Project in the lifelong learning programme

eTNA 2011 Online Training needs assessment

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