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For Sas

For Sas

For Sas was created in 2006 on the basis of the experiences of its creators, as a centre for supporting SMES in several fields, focusing primarily on vocational training.
FOR SAS is a company involved in three different areas of activity.
The first area is that of professional training through the provision of formative services, needs analysis and the management of training projects for SMEs; particular attention is paid to the use of ICT tools for the training of adult learners.
The second main area it deals in is that of providing support to management, to internationalization and to public relations for the enterprises. With respect to this area, a relationship of collaboration has been formed between the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and the Genoa World Trade Centre.
The third area is that of providing support to the participation to local, national and European projects alongside public and private institutions or for its own self. In particular, FOR has worked alongside several partners including the Genoa World Trade Centre, the Genoa Chamber of Commerce and Liguria Region.


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