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General information

Romalimenta is the Romanian Food Industry Federation, an organization which has been recently reorganized. Its members are employers associations and companies from Romanian food and drink industry branch with a general turn over bigger of at least 15 millions €.

Romalimenta was set up in 1994 by the employers’ organizations from food and drink industry with the declared purpose to represent food industry in all its actions and to promote the interests of its members. In 2003, the Romalimenta Statute has been changed to permit the adhesion of companies from food industry as members.

The Federation's main responsibilities are towards its members. Romalimenta is responsible to find the most appropriate solutions to ensure that the members work in an appropriately regulated market place, and to maximize their competitiveness. In doing this, Romalimenta needs to create and/or strengthen the institutional partnership with the authorities with responsibilities in the food sector.

Statutory mission and objectives


The Romanian Food Industry Federation- Romalimenta- is the employer branch organization and it is representative of the food and drink industry in Romania. The mission of the federation is to unfurl actions which will contribute to the strengthening, development and sustainability of its members. The federation represents the interests of the members besides the challenges they will meet during the adhesion process of Romania to UE, respecting in the same time the consumer, as long as the loyal competition principals.


  1. to eliminate the artificial barriers from the businesses way, to develop the last ones, the growth of competence and competitiveness.
  2. to strength and develop its structures, to perfect the relations and the co-working with its members.
  3. an active watch to respect the law, the professional ethics and the standards regarding the loyal competition in economic activity and in the relations between members.
  4. to participate in active way to the social dialogue in the frame of the sector ministry, but also in the frame of others ministries and central or local institutions, with the purpose that the normative documents and other juridical reglementations, emitted by these ones, to be conformed with the members interests and to be in the spirit of the community aquis.
  5. to participate to the negotiation of the unique labour contract to the branch level and to active collaborate with other employers organizations from abroad and employers structures from other countries, as long as with the Confederation of the food and drink industries of the UE ( CIAA) and others international organizations.
  6. always try to create an favourable image of food and drink industry to the level of the consumer, the authorities and the other socials/ commercial partners which have collaboration relations with the federation's members.


Romalimenta members are:

  • food and drink branch associations- active members
  • companies with a general turn over of at least 15 mil. EUR- active members

    Romalimenta's representatively and weight, in the total food and drink industry and by fields of activity is presented in the table below.

    It is easy to see that in almost all the areas of food and drink industry, the weights are over 50%, both to the turn over and to the number of employees, and to some parts the weights are almost totally.

    Romalimenta collaborates with:
    • The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development- in the frame of Social Dialogue Commission;
    • The Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority- in the frame of The Consultative Council on the agency level;
    • Export Council- membru
    • The Ministry of Economy and Finances - in the frame of Social Dialogue Commission;

It is annual negotiate with The Federation of Free Unions from Food Industry the unique labour contract for the food and drink branch.

It is also observer member in the frame of The Economic and Social Council.

ROMALIMENTA federation is an observer member of the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU ( CIAA).
Romalimenta Romalimenta Romalimenta


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