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Servicio Riojano de Empleo

In 2003, (Law 3/2003 of March 3 of the Government of La Rioja), was established the Employment Service of La Rioja, as autonomous administrative body with legal personality and full capacity to act to fulfill their purposes, now is seconded to the Ministry of Innovation, Industry and Employment.

In collaboration with organizations, is the instrument for the implementation of employment policies and training in the region of La Rioja to allow unemployed to obtain a job dignified and appropriate, and to provide employers hiring workers with appropriate training and experience to their needs.

In management and monitoring of employment policies:
(a) Develop, manage, coordinate and evaluate action plans and programmes for integrated employment;
(b) Manage national and regional programmes of active employment policies;
(c) To promote activities of private and public entities for the development of employment;
(d) Develop training and employment programmes for people with difficulties in entering; (e) Work with unions and employers' organizations to develop integrated services.

In the field of intermediation in the labour market:
(a) Actively participate in the intermediation of the supply and demand of labour market with the recruitment of supply and demand and managing the placement;
(b) Offer and provide comprehensive information and guidance;
(c) Activities of the EURES network, to the knowledge and diffusion of vacancies in the EU; (d) Authorization and monitoring of recruitment agencies;
(e) Management functions relating to the obligation of employers to register, submit the employment contracts;
(f) Recording and registration of requests and offers of employment.

In terms of vocational training and worker's training:
(a) Manage, coordinate, evaluate training in La Rioja;
(b) Develop annual training for employment;
(c) Managing support for training purposes and programmes of the ESF;
(d) Structure and process information on the labour market;
(e) Report on the development of occupational profiles and professional requirements;
(f) Manage the national reference centre for training.



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