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Club de Marketing de La Rioja CMR

The Marketing Club of La Rioja was founded in 1975, at the express wish of a group of thirty businessmen of La Rioja. It is a business association which promotes the development of knowledge and skills in management, marketing and excellence between managers, executives and professionals from La Rioja and surrounding regions.
Yearly, the Club organizes an average over fifty activities with more than 3000 professionals participating. Nowadays, the number of members is one thousand one hundred.

Mission / Objective
To render services to the business community to contribute to excellence development of global, commercial and marketing management


- Services in vocational guidance. Training and coaching
- Publications and studies
- Electronic newsletters
- Actions to promote the development of executives and heads of department (training and coaching)

The Club has established alliances with different institutions to improve its services. For example with Barcelona University or Deusto University.
It’s also a member of the Spanish Executives Confederation, Spanish Marketing Federation, Spanish Quality Association.

Business Trust for Competitiveness

CMR It is a group of eight enterprises of La Rioja which have as policy of social responsibility to promote the economic development of the region and consequently the benefit of society.  To achieve this objective, they support the activities of the Club of Marketing. The members of this trust are ARSYS, CAJARIOJA, ÉNIAC, DHL, RIVERCAP, GRUPO EULEN, CONTRABRIEFING and GRUPO PANCORBO


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