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Mapa de Europa, con España coloreada

Club de Marketing de La Rioja

The Marketing Club of La Rioja is a business association which promotes the development of knowledge and skills in management, marketing and excellence.

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Mapa de Europa, con Francia coloreada


ANIA is the French food industry association. It gathers 21 food sectors and represents over 10000 companies, mainly SMEs.

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Mapa de Europa, con Austria coloreada

BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH

BEST is an independent vocational qualification institute. Its main activities comprise adult education, vocational qualification, and guidance of unemployed people.

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Mapa de Europa, con Irlanda coloreada

Chambers Ireland

Chambers Ireland is a business representative organization, with 59 affiliated Chambers in the network representing some 13,000 businesses throughout the island of Ireland.

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Mapa de Europa, con Italia coloreada


For SAS is a company involved in professional training, providing support to management, to internationalization and to public relations for the enterprises to the participation to local, national and European projects.

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Mapa de Europa, con Rumanía coloreada


Romalimenta is the Romanian Food Industry Federation. Its members are employers associations and companies from Romanian food and drink industry branch.

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Mapa de Europa, con España coloreada

Servicio Riojano de Empleo

The Employment Service of La Rioja is the instrument for the implementation of employment policies and training in the region of La Rioja to allow unemployed to obtain a job.

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eTNA is a Leonardo transfer of innovation Project in the lifelong learning programme

eTNA 2011 Online Training needs assessment

  • Club de Marketing de La Rioja
  • Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires
  • Best
  • Chambers Ireland. In business for business
  • For. business consulting
  • RA. Romalimenta
  • Servicio Riojano de Empleo