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eTNA Project (online training needs assessment)

The Marketing Club of La Rioja along with the Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Employment Service of La Rioja have developed a methodology of “training needs assessment” through an online free-access tool. The aim of this tool is to provide a managing support to SMEs to accurately assess the training needs of their staff in different sectors. This tool, called The System for Professional Development in Enterprise is located on the website Employment Service of La Rioja and covers all training available in Spain appropriate to possible training routes according to four factors; size, sector, job description and strategies.

The e-TNA project wants to share this methodology as an innovative leap in the Lifelong Learning sector and, in turn, validate the contents thereof at a European level. This way it will integrate the competencies and training resources available in Europe in relation to food and agriculture sectors. To carry out an empirical validation of this methodology an online tool will be used based on the information and resources identified by the partnership.

The project partnership is composed of seven partners representing both economics activities: the Lifelong Learning sector and the Agrofood industry. The Partnership has been made up as follows: we have the commitment of business representative organizations as ANIA (National Food Industry Association, France) which gives support with its extensive experience in prospective studies, ROMALIMENTA (Romanian Food Industry Federation) with a large membership of companies, and Chambers Ireland which brings its experience in training for businesses. The Partnership also includes training institutions such as BEST (Institute of Continuous Vocational Qualification Training and Personnel Training, Austria) with long experience in the field of Lifelong Learning, or ForSAS (Italy) which brings the capacity to contact enterprises (SMEs) and food industry professionals. Employment Service of la Rioja will transfer the results obtained in this project to a political level, as the entity responsible for issuing professional certificates. Marketing Club of La Rioja has the role of guiding and coordinating both the implementation of the "TNA" methodology and to input the competitive intelligence factor to it.

The project aims to provide SMEs and their professionals the chance to assess and match their training needs within their professional development sector with information resources of training available in Europe. The ability to access a tool and methodology of this natures is usually limited to large companies with large HR departments. SMEs have limited resources to devote to assessing pan-European training and development trends, and as such are less able to adapt to fast paced changes.

Having the possibility to use a “TNA” methodology based on competitive intelligence elements allows professionals in SMEs to be aware of the latest resources on formal and informal training. The professional will improve their company’s competitiveness as well as their personal abilities. In short, this will level the playing field between professionals from SMEs and professionals from large corporate.

eTNA is a Leonardo transfer of innovation Project in the lifelong learning programme

eTNA 2011 Online Training needs assessment

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